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Whale Trails

Whale Trails, Before and Now, illus. by G. Brian Karas
"My father and I live for the sea. He is the captain of the Cufee Whale Boat and today I am his First Mate."

Whale-watching is a hugely popular pastime: at least 13 million people take whale-watching trips each year. but in the past, whaling ships hunted these animals to use their blubber for fuel and their bones for fishing hooks. As the whale population thinned, fortunately hunting ceased. Now, whale lovers go out on boats just to get a glimpse of these giant endangered creatures.

Narrated by a little girl out on the waves with her father, this is a story of marine history and the differences between then and now.

Starred review, Kirkus

Freedom's School

Freedom's School
When Lizzie's parents are granted their freedom from slavery, Mama says it’s time for Lizzie and her brother Paul to go to a real school—a new one, built just for them. But will it be strong enough to stand forever?

"eloquent testament to the overriding importance of school"—Kirkus


Come on in, pull up a chair and stay awhile. Readers of my books now have a place to have some of their questions answered about the wonderful and mysterious world of writing. O.K., maybe not all that mysterious, but writing for me is one way to share my thoughts and interests with others. So, you came to the right place if you were just wondering about my early inspirations and how I began writing.

One of the most important things I do as a writer is to read, so you can also find out about some of my favorite books for kids and meet the illustrator of many of my books, husband and collaborator, James Ransome. And finally, find out more about the books. Enjoy your visit!

Read and Relax,

Lesa Cline-Ransome


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